Trees for Troops 2019

Indiana Christmas tree growers kicked off the nationwide Trees for Troops program on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 with the 15th annual event. Tree growers, FedEx volunteers, community citizens, State FFA Officers and others joined forces to box and load onto the FedEx trucks nearly 200 real trees grown on our Indiana Christmas tree farms to be delivered to troops in Afghanistan, Guam and Alaska. Participating growers delivered their trees to Dull’s Tree Farm where they underwent a very rigorous inspection by USDA for bugs or diseases before being cleared for shipment overseas.


The weather was beautiful and for the first time, Santa appeared in his military uniform to help handle trees and give them his blessing. The ladies from the Mechanicsburg Christian Church provided donuts and coffee in the heated barn for all volunteers and FedEx brought in box lunches for everyone at the end of the event.

Being a part of sending the Spirit of Christmas to those troops who are sacrificing time with their own families on our behalf is heart-warming. We know from the letters that we receive back from the tree recipients how much they appreciate them and the morale boost they provide. Thanks to everyone who participated through donating trees or providing monetary funds to support the program!



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