Be sure to know what size (height & width) of tree you need.

Measure your ceiling height where the tree will be displayed. Trees in the field look smaller than they really are.

The type of tree you choose depends on your personal preferences. Go to tree types to learn about different tree varieties and their characteristics.



To do a freshness test on pre-cut trees, gently grasp a branch and pull it toward you. Only a few needles should come off in your hand if the tree is fresh. Shake or bounce the tree. Some loss of brown needles is normal but falling green needles is a warning sign that the tree is dry.


caring for your tree

Cut 1/2"or more off the base of the trunk before putting up the tree.

Place the tree in your tree stand and fill it with fresh water.

Don’t let the water level drop below the fresh cut on the base of the tree! If this happens a new seal will form and the tree will not take up any more water.

Check the water level of your tree daily! Trees are very thirsty.


tree safety


Check all electric lights and connections before decorating your tree. Don’t use lights with worn or frayed cords. Don’t overload electrical circuits.

Don’t place your tree near a fireplace, heat vent or other heat source. These elements can prematurely dry out your tree.

Turn off all decorations before retiring at night and any time you leave your home.



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