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White pine tree

Real Christmas trees can benefit the environment even after providing family Christmas memories 

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable and can benefit the environment even after providing family memories during the Christmas season. One of the most common ways to recycle a Christmas tree is to have it chipped into biodegradable mulch for landscaping. Some communities have a pick up date or drop off point to recycle the trees. Check with your local tree farm or community about local recycling programs.

Used Christmas trees can also be used to improve fish habitat in ponds and lakes, as erosion control and to provide wildlife habitat for some birds and other small animals.

As a living plant, a Christmas tree benefits the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide, storing carbon, and releasing fresh oxygen. After the Christmas season the tree can continue to benefit the environment by being recycled. Do your part and give your real Christmas tree "second life" by recycling.

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